If you are a seasoned marketer looking to refresh your passion for the industry, or a “newbie” looking for ways to grow in the industry, this is the program for you. The program is an embodiment of the commitment of the Colorado Chapter of SMPS to assist all A/E/C marketers in their personal growth and professional development. It offers opportunities for entry and senior level professional services marketers to own their career.

 How the One2One Mentoring Program Works

All prospective mentors and protégés must complete the application form that follows, regardless of previous program participation, and submit it along with a current resume that includes work history, educational background, special skills and interests, and any other relevant biographical information. The information is intended to assist the One2One Committee to match mentor/protégé pairs based upon background and career tracks. Following the matching process, applicants will receive a reply letting you know if you have been accepted into the One2One Program and next steps.

Each pair is required to meet face to face on a monthly basis individually, and to participate in four structured group training sessions scheduled from September October 2018 through May 2019. The sessions feature a curriculum of speakers and workshops designed to facilitate personal and career development for both mentors and protégés. These sessions will revolve around a specific topic and provide opportunity for learning and group discussion. Please note – the group sessions are typically on Fridays at a time and central location To Be Determined, but we will solidify this information with our selected groups. 

Structured Group Sessions

  • Session 1 — “Art of Negotiation” (10/26/2018)
  • Session 2 — “Finding Meaning in the Money” (01/25/2018)
  • Session 3 — “Navigating Change: Transforming Change into Catalyst” (03/15/2018)
  • Session 4 — “What Emotional Intelligence Means for your Career” (05/15/2018)

  • Completed applications are due July 27 and can be emailed along with your resume, any supporting information, and a photograph of applicant to [email protected]
  • Protégés will be required to pay a $250.00 program participation fee and mentors will be requested to pay a $150 program participation fee by August 31st (date of selection of participants), if your application is accepted.


Applicants must commit to attending the following One2One meeting dates shown below.

  • Applications due 07/27/2018
  • Selection of participants 08/31/2018
  • Kick off 09/12/2018
  • Session 1 “Art of Negotiation” 10/26/2018
  • Session 2 “Finding Meaning in the Money” 01/25/2018
  • Session 3 “Navigating Change: Transforming Change into Catalyst” 03/15/2018
  • Session 4 “Leveraging Your Strengths in the Workplace” 05/15/2018
  • Close out graduation 06/01/2018 (date to be solidified with participants)



Mentors must be senior-level marketing or business development professionals with a minimum of eight years’ experience at A/E/C industry firms, and be current or past members of SMPS.


  • You are eager to share your experiences and wisdom
  • You listen well and are a great cheerleader
  • You can positively influence and foster another’s growth
  • You are a current or past member of SMPS Colorado

Marketing professionals who are currently in positions at firms in the A/E/C industry; have a minimum of two years professional experience; and who are current SMPS members are eligible to be protégés. 


  • You want to grow personally and develop professionally
  • You want to become a courageous leader in your firm
  • You want to take charge in managing your career path
  • You are ready for the next challenge in your life’s work
  • You are a current member of SMPS Colorado


Testimonials from the SMPS One2One Program

“Participating in the SMPS Mentor/Protégé program has given me a much better understanding of what it means to be a marketer in the A/E/C industry. Spending time one-on-one with my mentor, Shelley Hartnett, learning from other seasoned marketers in the group and connecting with peers has been an awesome experience! I highly recommend participating in this program.”

Clare Kelly | Anderson Hallas Architects

 “Great program for learning and growing even as a long-time participant in the industry.”

Bob Trout | Merrick & Company

 “Get into this program if you can! What a great opportunity to meet others in the industry & expand your network. All done while you’re participating in superb monthly programs that provide actionable content to advance your career. Amy, LaDonna & Debbie set the standard and it will sky rocket from this tremendous platform.”

Deb Schindler | Red Hound Studios

 "These great programs really opened my eyes to new possibilities for both my personal and professional life."

Jim Mellor | Pinkard Construction

 "The Mentor/Protégé program has provided me with lifelong personal and professional development skills that I would not have learned elsewhere. In the process, close, caring and supportive personal relationships were formed that will continue far after the program ends."

Anna Matschulat | Shaffer Baucom Engineering & Consulting

 “The One2One mentoring program is a fantastic initiative that the Colorado chapter has begun. The thoughtfulness around the programs offered in the group setting once a month really helped to solidify the intentionality between mentor and protégé in developing working relationships aimed at growth and improvement. The experience is very worthwhile. As a mentor, it is fulfilling and also allows for self-reflection on how I accomplished things in my career, allowing me to grow and evaluate processes, as I talked through them with my protégé. Together we were both helping one another and it has been a lot of fun.”

Jennifer VanVleet | MWH Global

 "The Mentor/Protégé program has been a great experience for me.  Getting to know my protégé and hearing her point of view has not only been rewarding (and fun!) but has given me some new perspectives on marketing.  The program has been very well-organized and planned, maintaining momentum throughout the year.  For mentors who want to share their expertise and protégés who'd like to learn, this is a valuable experience to share."

MR Hicks | Norris Design


Questions? Please contact Emily Murphy ([email protected])