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2022/23 One2One Mentorship Program

In 2022, Protégés and Mentors will embark on a journey to discover their best future selves. Through a curated development program, participants will learn what makes them thrive, honing strengths to grow into the best version of themselves all while fostering a network of support.

Each Protégé is mindfully paired with an experienced Mentor. The couples set a cadence for one-on-one meetups and goal setting. The entire cohort meets monthly over the six-month program to participate in learning workshops and seminars led by esteemed industry professionals. Monthly topics are:

  • Personal Brand Building – Dena Wyatt and Stacy Stout
  • Critical Communication with DISC assessment and deep dive – Paula Jenkins
  • Strategic Thinking – Jen Porter

In addition to learning sessions, Mentors and Protégés attend networking events and participate in volunteer activities. The program runs from September 2022 to May 2023.

Participation is limited to 15 Protégés.

The application period opens in the first week of August.

Program Fees:
- $299 for Protégés 
- $50 for Mentors


Dena Wyatt
Marketing Evolutions
Dena has played an integral part in the design and construction industry since the mid-1990s. A former Dale Carnegie instructor and trainer and founder of Marketing Evolutions, Dena brings more than 25 years of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

Her techniques and strategies have re-written the rulebook when it comes to presentation training and her straight-forward coaching techniques continue to win projects for her clients. At the end of the day, Dena empowers her clients to achieve their objectives and master the skills they need to WIN!

Stacy Stout
BRANDiac Strategies
As the energetic founding principal of BRANDiac Strategies, Stacy knows a thing or two about enthusiastically building business, relationships, and brands. Prior to BRANDiac, Stacy held marketing director positions for two prominent architectural firms and a leading general contractor, in addition to marketing strategist roles for advertising firms. No matter where clients roam, Stacy is an expert at wrangling the focus to marketing strategy and outcomes.

Paula Jenkins
LFS Consulting, LLC
As the owner of LFS Consulting LLC, which specializes in Leadership and Financial Success, Paula helps bring hope to complicated life situations. Paula is a John Maxwell Certified Executive Director, DISC Certified Consultant, and a Financial Coach. Paula coaches, trains, and teaches teams how to connect, inspire and add value to others. She gives her clients tools to help reinforce effective leadership behavior and improve their relationship with money. Paula does what she does because she wants to educate people on how to be better leaders and better stewards of their money. She wants to elicit good thoughts about change even when it appears to be scary. She wants to encourage people to continue to learn. She wants to evoke hope where there appears to be none. Paula’s passion is leadership – developing, training and empowering people with the tools and knowledge to improve as leaders. Paula’s mission is to help teams and organizations develop successful leaders, understanding the power of good communication, and focus on increasing communication skills with the use of the DISC method.


Jen Porter
Transformative Coaching, LLC
Jen Porter is a Leadership and Career Coach with a mission to help ambitious professionals become confident leaders doing life-changing work.  Her passion is sharing tools and strategies for others to step into their power to experience renewed freedom and fulfillment in everything they do.


9/8/2022: Kickoff
11/10/2022: Personal Brand Building
12/8/2022: Critical Communication with DISC assessment and deep dive
1/12/2023: Strategic Thinking
2/9/2023: Networking Event
3/9/2023: Volunteering Session
4/13/2023: Networking Event
5/12/2023: Farewell Happy Hour 


Testimonials from the SMPS One2One Program

“Being involved in the SMPS Mentor Committee was incredibly fulfilling both personally and professionally. In such a fast-paced digital world it was wonderful to meet as passionate, authentic and career minded professionals and develop a relationship of friendship, love, trust and respect. While I started as a mentor it was clear I was also the mentee.”

April Hermann | DLR Group

“The most important reason I chose to be a mentor was the positive feeling of “giving back” to someone.  As a mentor, I didn’t take my role lightly.  I was invested in the success of my protégé.  My focus was on being compassionate and listening, to what challenges my protégé was going through.  I was committed to empowering my protégé to develop their own strengths, beliefs, and personal attributes.  As a mentor I was able to help my protégé navigate their career path and provide motivation, guidance, and emotional support and be a resource for them. Becoming a mentor led to experiences and opportunities that I didn’t anticipate when I started the process.  I was able to help someone navigate issues in their work life, and in turn it allowed me to look at my own life and work processes—and I found myself changing several of them for the better.”

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maggie Bolden | Palace Construction

“The One2One program expands the SMPS learning culture valued by its members. Members invest in SMPS for career development and yield a return of supportive and trusted relationships. I learned far more in the role of a mentor than I ever imagined. I am fueled by the partnership created in this program and encouraged when I see protégés grow into mentors. I’m proud to be part of the life journey of so many fantastic AEC marketing and business development professionals.”

Julie Witecki | Swinerton

“The One2One program is fantastic, and I highly recommend it. The programs and the new relationships I developed were incredibly beneficial as I began to navigate this new phase in my career.”

Valerie Jackson | RTA Architects

“Through the One2One mentoring program I was able to expand my understanding of how marketing and business development fit into the industry. As a protégé, I was able to pick the brain of a more senior mentor in the industry, but also share trials with other protégés and not feel alone. My network grew in valuable ways where I feel confident reaching out for advice and resources.”

Liz Kamper | CBRE

“As a relatively new marketer to the area and industry, I was hoping to gain more knowledge and insight in the Colorado and AEC world.  My other goal was to grow myself professionally and learn new tools and thought processes that I may not have come to on my own.  Throughout the program, my mentor and I discussed these goals in depth and as a veteran of the industry, she was more than happy to provide me with the knowledge to use and apply to my situations.  After the conclusion of the One-2-One program, I am able to look at issues and situations more objectively and use a different approach than normal.  I am excited to see where my career of AEC Marketing can take me and credit this new confidence to take bigger steps to further my goals.”

Amanda Sparks | Kumar & Associates, Inc.

“The SMPS Colorado Mentor-Protégé program provide good content on social and technical skills. As a mentor, I learned a ton myself working with my protégé. I recommend this program for both new and seasoned professionals as it provides a forum to grow your career.”

Teena Bergstrand | Saunders Construction


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