The One2One Mentorship Program is Underway!

The ONE2ONE Mentorship Program embodies the commitment of the Colorado Chapter of SMPS to assist all A/E/C marketers in their personal growth and professional development. This program is available for entry and senior-level professional services marketers to further their growth.

Through monthly in-person meetings, protégés will engage in discussions and exercises with a panel of distinguished speakers and mentors. Besides those meetings, protégés will participate in one-on-one mentoring to develop job-specific skills and action plans. Additional resources and accountability structures will be available through an online resource portal.

The 24/25 program theme is "We Rise by Lifting Others".  We will focus on helping each other meet goals; find and nurture passions; and grow personally and professionally through improved communication, discovering strengths, and inspiring leadership.

As a mentee you'll receive guidance, support, and coaching to reach your goals.
As a mentor you'll share your knowledge, give back, and learn something new from your mentee.


Feel free to reach out to our program chair, Jaime Clark at [email protected], or co-chair, Kimberly Wybenga at [email protected]

Testimonials from the SMPS One2One Program

"Having been involved in SMPS as a member and non-member for more than 30 years, I truly feel that the One2One Mentor Protégé program is one of the better benefits that I’ve seen. Our senior marketing specialist Susie Lanners came to Iron Woman with no previous experience in the AEC market but with a true feel for the rhythm of language and a keen understanding of B2B marketing. By participating as a protégé in the SMPS program, Susie has gained a good understanding of the proposal process and has demonstrated confidence in business development; learning nuances of the industry, terminology, and relationships. "

         Doug Petty | VP of Marketing

“The SMPS Colorado Mentor-Protégé program provides good content on social and technical skills. As a mentor, I learned a ton myself working with my protégé. I recommend this program for both new and seasoned professionals as it provides a forum to grow your career.”

       Teena Bergstrand | Saunders Construction

“Being involved in the SMPS Mentor Committee was incredibly fulfilling both personally and professionally. In such a fast-paced digital world it was wonderful to meet as passionate, authentic and career minded professionals and develop a relationship of friendship, love, trust and respect. While I started as a mentor it was clear I was also the mentee.”

April Hermann | Downstream

“The most important reason I chose to be a mentor was the positive feeling of “giving back” to someone. As a mentor, I didn’t take my role lightly. I was invested in the success of my protégé. My focus was on being compassionate and listening, to what challenges my protégé was going through. I was committed to empowering my protégé to develop their own strengths, beliefs, and personal attributes. As a mentor I was able to help my protégé navigate their career path and provide motivation, guidance, and emotional support and be a resource for them. Becoming a mentor led to experiences and opportunities that I didn’t anticipate when I started the process. I was able to help someone navigate issues in their work life, and in turn it allowed me to look at my own life and work processes—and I found myself changing several of them for the better.”

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maggie Bolden | Palace Construction

“The One2One program expands the SMPS learning culture valued by its members. Members invest in SMPS for career development and yield a return of supportive and trusted relationships. I learned far more in the role of a mentor than I ever imagined. I am fueled by the partnership created in this program and encouraged when I see protégés grow into mentors. I’m proud to be part of the life journey of so many fantastic A/E/C marketing and business development professionals.”

Julie Witecki | FMI Corporation

“The One2One program is fantastic, and I highly recommend it. The programs and the new relationships I developed were incredibly beneficial as I began to navigate this new phase in my career.”

Valerie Jackson | RTA Architects

“Through the One2One mentoring program I was able to expand my understanding of how marketing and business development fit into the industry. As a protégé, I was able to pick the brain of a more senior mentor in the industry, but also share trials with other protégés and not feel alone. My network grew in valuable ways where I feel confident reaching out for advice and resources.”

Liz Kamper | CBRE

“As a relatively new marketer to the area and industry, I was hoping to gain more knowledge and insight in the Colorado and AEC world. My other goal was to grow myself professionally and learn new tools and thought processes that I may not have come to on my own. Throughout the program, my mentor and I discussed these goals in depth and as a veteran of the industry, she was more than happy to provide me with the knowledge to use and apply to my situations. After the conclusion of the One-2-One program, I am able to look at issues and situations more objectively and use a different approach than normal. I am excited to see where my career of A/E/C Marketing can take me and credit this new confidence to take bigger steps to further my goals.”

Amanda Sparks | Kumar & Associates, Inc.