Volunteering is an excellent way to expand your network and develop strong relationships with fellow SMPS Colorado members. Serving on a committee is also a great way to learn or perfect skills and develop leadership skills you may not have an opportunity to do on the job.

If you are interested in volunteering with any committee, feel free to contact the committee chair directly for more information; you are also welcome to contact any board member to learn more.


The Communications Committee is responsible for the public image of the chapter through the use of print, digital and social media. The committee publicizes information about upcoming programs and events, and maintains information about the chapter and its members through the website. Major responsibilities include: acting as a brand manager for the chapter, designing and producing all marketing materials, and promoting the chapter through media and digital communications. The Communications Committee meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month from 4:00 – 5:00 PM.

Communications Chair Communications Co-Chair
Amanda Sparks
Kumar & Associates, Inc.

Emily Lawrence
Stambaugh Ness


The Community Outreach Committee generates opportunities to live SMPS Colorado Believes’ program core values of learning, commitment, and community through membership support, charitable giving, and industry engagement. The committees responsible for providing scholarship opportunities, partnering with diverse organizations, student outreach, and guiding SMPS Colorado’s philanthropy efforts.

Community Outreach Chair
Callie Morris, CPSM
JE Dunn Construction


The Education Committee strives to provide educational, professional, and personal development opportunities through a variety of events and formats. Education topics and learning/implementation tools are defined by the Six Domains of Practice:  Marketing Research, Marketing Plan, Client/Business Development, SOQs/Proposals, Promotional Activity, and Information, Resource and Organizational Management.

Education Chair Education Co-Chair

Kristin Lakey

Theresa Wynn, CPSM


The Marketing Excellence Awards Committee plans and coordinates our annual awards recognition gala, the goal of which is to recognize marketing excellence in the Colorado A/E/C community. The committee has two key responsibilities, one to oversee the planning and organization of the event itself including event/location planning, PR for the event, logistics and emcee and speaker recruitment, etc., and the other to oversee the awards portion of the event, including calls for entry, judging, and awards announcements at the event.

Marketing Excellence Awards Chair Marketing Excellence Awards Co-Chair
Caroline Kendall
Anser Advisory
Kimberly Wybenga, CPSM
Mark Young Construction


The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of professional and student SMPS members through special events, membership drives, on-campus activities, and other direct outreach efforts. The committee plans bi-monthly New and Prospective Member networking events as well as the annual member appreciation event: Memberfest. Additional committee responsibilities include:  welcoming new members to the organization, drafting Member Spotlights for the website, reaching out to members whose memberships are nearing expiration or have expired, creating print collateral on the association and volunteer opportunities, and planning annual Membership Drives.

Membership Chair Membership Co-Chair

Adam Shafer
HLB Lighting

Paige Chvilicek
David Evans and Associates, Inc.


The Northern Colorado Committee is responsible for providing opportunities for education, programming, and promotion to businesses and individuals in Northern Colorado. Through quarterly AEC specific events, we are able to connect professionals and offer the tools and education to be successful in both marketing and non-marketing roles. The Northern Colorado Committee members’ responsibilities include: attending a monthly committee meeting, collaborating to plan and execute events specific to Northern Colorado, and raising overall awareness of SMPS and its benefits throughout the region.

Northern Colorado Chair Northern Colorado Co-Chair

Holly Fink
Collab Architecture

Jamie Bridenstine
Saunders Construction


The program is an embodiment of the commitment of the Colorado Chapter of SMPS to assist A/E/C marketers in their personal growth and professional development.

One2One Chair One2One Co-Chair
Jaime Clark
GH Phipps
303.389.3718 ext. 1220
Kimberly Wybenga, CPSM
Mark Young Construction


The Programs Committee is responsible for programming monthly industry luncheons for the SMPS Colorado chapter. The Programs Committee offers the benefit of direct contact with clients and potential clients through requests for speakers and program planning, as well as the opportunity to drive the industry knowledge that is presented for the A/E/C representatives who attend our events. The Programs Committee meets on the third Thursday of every month from 8:30 – 9:30 AM at Tradecraft Industries (6145 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216).

Programs Chair Programs Co-Chair

Valerie Hernandez
PCL Construction

Jessica Nuncio
Naranjo Civil Constructors


The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for identifying, recruiting, and supporting sponsors throughout the year. The committee works with other committees to facilitate financial support for programs from monthly luncheons to special events.  The committee sets goals for annual, luncheon, and in-kind sponsorship and works to fulfill them. Responsibilities include: attending a monthly committee meeting, brainstorming potential sponsors, assisting with agreements and invoices, and raising awareness of SMPS sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

Sponsorship Chair
Stacey Richardson, CPSM

360 Engineering, Inc.


The Southern Colorado Committee is responsible for facilitating education and programming for individuals who are interested in promoting their professional service businesses in Southern Colorado through marketing and other non-marketing professional roles. The committee often collaborates with other industry organizations to provide monthly networking and quarterly AEC market-driven events specific to the needs of Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and surrounding areas. The Southern Colorado Committee members’ responsibilities include: attending a monthly committee meeting, brainstorming ideas for future programs, collaborating with others to plan events, and raising overall awareness of SMPS and its benefits throughout Southern Colorado.

Southern Colorado Chair Southern Colorado Co-Chair

Anne Walker
Bristol Bay Construction Holdings

Zach Wagner
Saunders Norwood Construction


Check out what our Members have to say about the benefits of serving on a Committee:

My membership with SMPS and participation on various committees has had immeasurable impact on my career and growth as a professional. Through my participation within the organization, I have garnered numerous professional skills, many of my professional relationships, and a bolstered professional confidence.  If you’re looking for an organization to support that gives back tri-fold what you put in – SMPS is the right pick.” 
– Emily Villines, Calibre Engineering

“I began volunteering with SMPS shortly after joining the organization and soon found myself as Co-Chair and then Chair of a committee. Being thrust into a leadership position was a great way to accelerate my personal impact and overall comfort with the association and people within. Being a volunteer means you can directly shape the content and direction of the organization. It’s all about coming up with and implementing new ideas and new ways to help members and ultimately our unique sub-sector of this industry as a whole.” 

– Jennifer Mathers

"Serving as a member of SMPS for the last 11 years has given me career opportunities, training and an invaluable network. Using my SMPS network has allowed me to increase revenue for my firm, hash out successful marketing strategies with peers and build lasting friendships. SMPS gives A/E/C marketers and business developers a community that is unsurpassed. Volunteering and serving on committees and now the Executive Board, has been well worth the time." 
W. Celeste Davis Stragand, CPSM, Kiewit

“Being part of the Education committee with SMPS has had a profound impact on career.  I am a more valuable employee and more confident person because of the tools that the committee has taught me,from public speaking to writing skills to reaching out to industry leaders.  I have happily dedicated time to this committee because of the lifelong relationships I have gained and the positive direction my career has taken.  I encourage any SMPS member to join a committee to get the most value out of their membership.”   
 Krista Sanderson

What a great way to learn leadership skills before ever taking on such a position at my firm. SMPS gave me the opportunity to manage my own team and the confidence to apply this to my job!” 

 Dana Williams, CPSM, Hyder Construction

“Joining SMPS has impacted my career in many ways: exceptional professional growth training, business development opportunities, visibility for my company. When I joined a committee and started invested my time to contribute back to the organization, my network exploded. It’s been a great value to me and my firm and I’ve made great friends on top of it!” 
– Karen Current, DHM Design