Unicorn marketers are made, not born. This legendary animal is a symbol of rarity is now the mascot for the SMPS Colorado Chapter!

What’s a unicorn marketer you ask? Truly great marketers are equal parts creative, communicator, relationship builder, strategist, influencer, and brand ambassador... finding someone who checks all those boxes are a rare breed indeed. That’s why we call them unicorn marketers.

SMPS Colorado wants to celebrate our unicorn marketers—members who are standing out, making a difference and transforming their businesses through marketing leadership.

Ready to nominate yourself or someone else?

Option One:
  1. Follow SMPS Colorado on the social media platform of your choice (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)
  2. Post a photo and make your nomination in 280 characters or less. Let us know how you (or someone else) is standing out and making a difference in your business.
  3. Tag SMPS Colorado and use the hashtag #SMPSCOUnicorn.
  4. Keep in mind that your post must be public in order for us to see your nomination. 

Option Two:



Submissions will be reviewed by SMPS Colorado. A winner will be chosen each month and recognized at the programs luncheon. Any Marketer/Business Developer can be nominated multiple times but only selected once per calendar year.

Questions? Contact Lauren or Megan from the SMPS Colorado Communications Committee.